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Explore the planet Mars

Cool Toys Pic of the Day - Planet Four

Planet Four (Photo credit: rosefirerising)

The folks at Zooniverse have another great project on the go, this time focusing on Mars.

At Planet Four, scientists would like you to identify and measure features on the surface of Mars by examining images taken of the southern polar region. In particular, you’re being asked to look for “fans” and “blotches” on the Martian surface.

The current thinking is that fans and blotches indicate wind direction and speed. By tracking them over the course of several years, planetary scientists can get a clearer understanding of the Martian climate. The aggregated data from the image analysis will provide the first large scale measurement of wind on the fourth planet from the sun.

For a detailed explanation of how fans and blotches are formed, check out the About page here. To sign up and start (virtually) cruising Mars, use the sign up link in the upper right corner of the Planet Four site, or use your existing Zooniverse login.

Other Zooniverse projects featured here on Citizen Science Center include Solar Stormwatch and Old Weather.