BOINC for Android

BOINC Manager icon
BOINC: coming to a phone near you. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

BOINC, which is short for Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing, is a piece of software that you can download to your computer. With it, you’re able to donate spare computing time to big data projects, essentially allowing your computer to do your citizen science for you.

Until recently, the software was only available for desktop devices, but the project has now been ported to Android. That means that when you’re not playing Angry Birds, you can donate your smart phone’s processing power to science.

Six projects have already lined up to be on the Android app, including Asteroids@home, Einstein@Home, O-Project@Home, theSkynet POGS, World Community Grid, and Yoyo@Home, which means you can battle things like AIDS as well as bad piggies.

The BOINC for Android app can be found at Google Play, here.